Trends in Funerary Services

Posted on November 7, 2022 by Panebaker Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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When deciding on the kind of funerary options you want for a loved one or for yourself, it can be a good idea to consider all of the options you have and not just the most common choices. Most people know about burials, cremation, and traditional services, but there are other choices you can turn to. Here are some of the things that directors of funeral homes in Hanover, PA want you to know.


One option that more people are choosing is green services. Green services are the right choice if your loved one was worried about their impact on the planet. You can choose to give them a burial without using embalming chemicals and with a biodegradable casket. Another option to consider is cremation. Cremation services tend to be the greener option, to begin with, and you can make that even better by choosing bio cremation. Bio cremation is done with water and not flames, so it releases less carbon.


Another trend that more people are choosing is to have the service at home. This can allow you to offer your loved one a more intimate service comment which might have been something that they would have wanted, especially if they were more private. Having service at home can also save you money, which is important if you have a small budget but would still want to offer your loved one beautiful service. Do keep in mind that having a service at home usually means you will not be able to invite as many people. Pre-planning your funeral should be a natural part of life because it provides you with time to make end-of-life decisions in a calm and rational atmosphere.


funeral homes in Hanover, PAYou also want to consider celebrations of life. These kinds of services honor the life of the person and do not just focus on the loss of the person. It can be a good option for someone who did not want to have a somber service or someone who died young. This is a kind of party, with music and even games. If that is what you choose to give your loved one, you want to remember to let people know what kind of service you are having. This will ensure they are not surprised and that they can come dressed appropriately.


Deciding on the kind of funerary services you want to offer a loved one is something that can take some time. You want to learn as much as you can about the different options to be able to choose the best ones. If you are not certain about the options, you can always ask the providers for more information. It is essential that you think about what the person would have wanted and respect those wishes. To learn more about all of this, you can reach out to a Hanover, PA funeral home like us. Our team is ready to help you with all of the decisions you need to make after the death of a loved one. You can give us a call right now or you can visit us today at our location to learn more about this.

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